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MCB is one of the Island's BACS approved bureaux. MCB therefore manage Direct Credit instructions where a payment is made from a company's bank account direct to employees or suppliers. The bureau is fully BACSTEL-IP compliant using the latest software to provide a safe and secure transmission path for your data.

The bureau links the payroll service to the BACS system automatically, using a simple web interface. The web interface offers several reports on submissions and employee details for confirmation purposes but its main purpose is to provide a mechanism for clients to authorise payments securely. This allows our clients control over when, where and what payments are made. The web interface can be used remotely and supports the upload and authorisation of files. The interface also supports the generation of payment files that can be downloaded to your local computer for sending through an existing payment system.

The BACS service is charged based on the number of BACS records sent.

BACS Authorisation Area